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Terms & Conditions

Participants applying to attend EIAab agree to the following terms and conditions
Product Use
All products listed are for Research Use Only and are not intended for use in diagnostic procedures unless otherwise noted. Such products are not to be used for diagnostic or drug purposes, or for administration to humans.
Please read the product label carefully for safety information and warnings related to product hazards. Some products may present flammable, toxic, or other hazards. More information can be obtained by reading the Material Safety Data Sheet, available upon request from a Customer or Technical Service Representative. The absence of a warning must not be construed as an indication that the product is safe. All possible hazards may not be known at this time. Products should only be handled and used by qualified personnel familiar with the potential hazards and trained in laboratory procedures.
Shipping and Delivery
All orders are subject to availability. Prices of products do not include freight and packing.
We reserve the right to partially ship items on a given sales order pending product availability.
Risk of loss on all products shipped by EIAAB SCIENCE INC, WUHAN to purchasers shall pass upon receipt of those products at purchaser's place of delivery.
Upon receipt of goods the buyer should inspect all aspects of the shipment for accuracy, defects or damage, applicable expiry dates and inform the seller in writing of any issues. This notification must take place within 3 days of receipt of goods.
Quality is priority at EIAAB SCIENCE INC, WUHAN. However, should any product not perform as described in the product literature, it will be replaced.
In case of quality discrepancy, claim should be lodged by the Buyers within 30 days after the arrival of the goods at the port of destination, while for quantity discrepancy, claim should be lodged by the Buyers within 15 days after the arrival of the goods at the port of destination. In all cases, claims must be accompanied by Survey Reports of Recognized Public Surveyos agreed to by the Sellers. Should the responsibility of the subject under claim be found to rest on the part of the Sellers, the Sellers shall, within 20 days after receipt of the claim, send their reply to the Buyers together with suggestion for settlement.
There is a 20% fee for restocking specially packaged products are canclelled prior shipment.
Return authorizations will be required on all returns. No returns or refunds will be processed more than thirty days after the date shipped by EIAAB SCIENCE INC, WUHAN.
EIAAB SCIENCE INC, WUHAN warrants to the original purchaser that products sold conform to specifications provided with delivered products and are free from material defects. We will replace any product, free of charge that does not meet established product specifications.
This warranty does not extend to any product that has been altered in any way by personnel other than EIAAB SCIENCE INC, WUHAN employees or to any product that has been handled in a manner contrary to instructions included in product documentation.
EIAAB SCIENCE INC, WUHAN makes no warranty of the products suitability for any purchasers particular use, and the purchaser or use of the products must determine suitability for use.
EIAAB SCIENCE INC, WUHAN shall not be liable fr any damages or injury to persons or property arising from the purchase or use of the product.
In no event shall Wuhan EIAab's liability exceed the purchase price paid by the buyer. In addition, we are not liable for the product after the product expiration date or for a product that has been misused or has become unusable due to improper storage or handling.
All users of the Wuhan EIAab website are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Condition in their entirety.
by EIAab organize the information.
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