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Mdc1 (GeneName), Mediator of DNA damage checkpoint protein 1 (ProteinName), MDC1_MOUSE.
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Mouse Mdc1/ Mediator of DNA damage checkpoint protein 1 ELISA Kit

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Detection Method:
Natural and recombinant mouse Mediator of DNA damage checkpoint protein 1
Sample Type:
Serum, plasma, tissue homogenates, cell culture supernates and other biological fluids
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Mouse Mdc1 ELISA Kit
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Mouse Mdc1 ELISA Kit
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General Annotation

Sub Unit:
Homodimer. Interacts with several proteins involved in the DNA damage response, although not all these interactions may be direct. Interacts with CHEK2, which requires ATM-mediated phosphorylation within the FHA domain of CHEK2. Interacts constitutively with the BRCA1-BARD1 complex, SMC1A and TP53BP1. Interacts with ATM and FANCD2, and these interactions are reduced upon DNA damage. Also interacts with the PRKDC complex, composed of XRCC6/KU70, XRCC5/KU80 and PRKDC/XRCC7. This interaction may be required for PRKDC autophosphorylation, which is essential for DNA double strand break (DSB) repair. When phosphorylated by ATM, interacts with RNF8 (via FHA domain). Interacts with CEP164. When phosphorylated, interacts with APTX (via FHA-like domain) (By similarity). Interacts with H2AFX, which requires phosphorylation of H2AFX. Interacts with the MRN complex, composed of MRE11, RAD50, and NBN.

Required for checkpoint mediated cell cycle arrest in response to DNA damage within both the S phase and G2/M phases of the cell cycle. May serve as a scaffold for the recruitment of DNA repair and signal transduction proteins to discrete foci of DNA damage marked by 'Ser-139' phosphorylation of histone H2AFX. Also required for downstream events subsequent to the recruitment of these proteins. These include phosphorylation and activation of the ATM, CHEK1 and CHEK2 kinases, and stabilization of TP53 and apoptosis. ATM and CHEK2 may also be activated independently by a parallel pathway mediated by TP53BP1.

Subcellular Location:
Nucleus Chromosome Associated with chromatin. Relocalizes to discrete nuclear foci following DNA damage, this requires phosphorylation of H2AFX. Colocalizes with APTX at sites of DNA double-strand breaks (By similarity).

This product has not yet been referenced specifically in any publications.

"MDC1 is a mediator of the mammalian DNA damage checkpoint."

"CK2 phosphorylation-dependent interaction between aprataxin and MDC1 in the DNA damage response."

"Sequence variant discovery in DNA repair genes from radiosensitive and radiotolerant prostate brachytherapy patients."

"NFBD1, a novel nuclear protein with signature motifs of FHA and BRCT, and an internal 41-amino acid repeat sequence, is an early participant in DNA damage response."

"Mediator of DNA damage checkpoint protein 1 regulates BRCA1 localization and phosphorylation in DNA damage checkpoint control."

"NFBD1, like 53BP1, is an early and redundant transducer mediating Chk2 phosphorylation in response to DNA damage."

"Sumoylation of MDC1 is important for proper DNA damage response."

"Examination of genetic polymorphisms in newborns for signatures of sex-specific prenatal selection."

"Radiation-induced survivin nuclear accumulation is linked to DNA damage repair."

"Comparison of the structures and peptide binding specificities of the BRCT domains of MDC1 and BRCA1."
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