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ATG16L1 (GeneName), Autophagy-related protein 16-1 (ProteinName), A16L1_HUMAN.
Product Name:

Human ATG16L1/ Autophagy-related protein 16-1 ELISA Kit

Regulatory Status:

APG16-like 1, APG16L, UNQ9393/PRO34307

Detection Method:
Natural and recombinant human Autophagy-related protein 16-1
Sample Type:
Serum, plasma, tissue homogenates, cell culture supernates and other biological fluids
Sample Data:
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Human ATG16L1 ELISA Kit
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Human ATG16L1 ELISA Kit
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General Annotation

Sub Unit:
Homodimer (PubMed:25484072). Homooligomer (By similarity). Interacts with WIPI2 (PubMed:24954904). Interacts with RB1CC1; the interaction is required for ULK1 complex-dependent autophagy (PubMed:23262492, PubMed:24954904, PubMed:23392225). Interacts with ATG5 (PubMed:23202584, PubMed:24191030, PubMed:25484072, PubMed:26812546). Part of either the minor and major complexes respectively composed of 4 sets of ATG12-ATG5 and ATG16L1 (400 kDa) or 8 sets of ATG12-ATG5 and ATG16L1 (800 kDa) (PubMed:26083323, PubMed:23202584, PubMed:24191030). Interacts with RAB33B (PubMed:21808068). Interacts (via WD repeats) with TMEM59; the interaction mediates unconventional autophagic activity of TMEM59 (PubMed:23376921, PubMed:27273576). Interacts with TLR2 and NOD2 (PubMed:23376921). Interacts (via WD repeats) with MEFV (PubMed:26347139). Interacts with PPP1CA; the interaction dephosphorylates ATG16L1 causing dissociation of ATG12-ATG5-ATG16L1 complex (PubMed:26083323). Interacts (via N-terminal) with CLTC (PubMed:20639872).

Plays an essential role in autophagy: interacts with ATG12-ATG5 to mediate the conjugation of phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) to LC3 (MAP1LC3A, MAP1LC3B or MAP1LC3C), to produce a membrane-bound activated form of LC3 named LC3-II. Thereby, controls the elongation of the nascent autophagosomal membrane (PubMed:24553140, PubMed:23376921, PubMed:24954904, PubMed:27273576, PubMed:23392225). Regulates mitochondrial antiviral signaling (MAVS)-dependent type I interferon (IFN-I) production (PubMed:25645662). Negatively regulates NOD1- and NOD2-driven inflammatory cytokine response (PubMed:24238340). Plays a role in regulating morphology and function of Paneth cell (PubMed:18849966).

Subcellular Location:
Cytoplasm Preautophagosomal structure membrane Peripheral membrane protein Recruited to omegasomes membranes by WIPI2. Omegasomes are endoplasmic reticulum connected strutures at the origin of preautophagosomal structures. Localized to preautophagosomal structure (PAS) where it is involved in the membrane targeting of ATG5. Localizes also to discrete punctae along the ciliary axoneme.

This product has not yet been referenced specifically in any publications.

"Autophagy 16-like 1 rs2241880 G allele is associated with Crohn's disease in German children."

"ATG16L1 and IL23R are associated with inflammatory bowel diseases but not with celiac disease in the Netherlands."

"A genome-wide association scan of nonsynonymous SNPs identifies a susceptibility variant for Crohn disease in ATG16L1."

"Replication and meta-analysis of 13,000 cases defines the risk for interleukin-23 receptor and autophagy-related 16-like 1 variants in Crohn's disease."

"NOD2/CARD15, ATG16L1 and IL23R gene polymorphisms and childhood-onset of Crohn's disease."

"Interaction of the major inflammatory bowel disease susceptibility alleles in Crohn's disease patients."

"Association of IL23R p.381Gln and ATG16L1 p.197Ala with Crohn disease in the Czech population."

"Autophagy gene ATG16L1 but not IRGM is associated with Crohn's disease in Canadian children."

"Molecular prediction of disease risk and severity in a large Dutch Crohn's disease cohort."

"A key role for autophagy and the autophagy gene Atg16l1 in mouse and human intestinal Paneth cells."
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