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GJD2 (GeneName), Gap junction delta-2 protein (ProteinName), 10704_EIAAB.
Product Name:

Human GJD2/ Gap junction delta-2 protein ELISA Kit



Regulatory Status:

Connexin-36,Cx36,Gap junction alpha-9 protein,GJA9

Detection Method:
Natural and recombinant human Gap junction delta-2 protein
Sample Type:
Serum, plasma, tissue homogenates, cell culture supernates and other biological fluids
Sample Data:
Research Area:
Product Overview:
E10837-1h is a ready-to-use microwell, strip plate ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) Kit for analyzing the presence of the A Disintegrin and Metalloprotease 30 (Gap junction delta-2 protein) ELISA Kit target analytes in biological samples. The concentration gradients of the kit standards or positive controls render a theoretical kit detection range in biological research samples containing Gap junction delta-2 protein. The ELISA analytical biochemical technique of the E10837-1h kit is based on Gap junction delta-2 protein antibody-Gap junction delta-2 protein antigen interactions (immunosorbency) and an HRP colorimetric detection system to detect Gap junction delta-2 protein antigen targets in samples. The ELISA Kit is designed to detect native, recombinant, Gap junction delta-2 protein. Appropriate sample types may include undiluted human body fluids and/or tissue homogenates, secretions. Quality control assays assessing reproducibility identified the intra-assay CV (%) and inter-assay CV(%).
Human GJD2 ELISA Kit
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Human GJD2 ELISA Kit
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General Annotation

Sub Unit:
A connexon is composed of a hexamer of connexins.

One gap junction consists of a cluster of closely packed pairs of transmembrane channels, the connexons, through which materials of low MW diffuse from one cell to a neighboring cell.

Subcellular Location:
Cell membrane Multi-pass membrane protein Cell junction Gap junction

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"Structure, chromosomal localization, and brain expression of human Cx36 gene."

"A genome-wide association study identifies a susceptibility locus for refractive errors and myopia at 15q14."

"Cx36 makes channels coupling human pancreatic beta-cells, and correlates with insulin expression."

"Confirmatory evidence for an association of the connexin-36 gene with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy."

"Human and mouse microglia express connexin36, and functional gap junctions are formed between rodent microglia and neurons."

"The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC)."

"Molecular basis for potentiation of Cx36 gap junction channel conductance by n-alcohols and general anesthetics."

"Heritability of myopia and its relation with GDJ2 and RASGRF1 genes in Lithuania."

"Association between Ocular Axial Length-Related Genes and High Myopia in a Han Chinese Population."

"Expression of connexin 26 and connexin 43 is reduced in Hirschsprung's disease."
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