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1. After receiving the cells, if discover the dry ice tube have been volatile clean, cryopreserved cap falls off, there is pollution damage and cell, please contact us immediately.
2. Receive cells don't open first cap and bottle after wiping alcohol in the incubator let stand for 2-4 hours (depending on the cell density) stable cell state.Then observed under inverted microscope cell growth, and the cells are different multiple photos (suggest when you receive cells take a photograph is the overall appearance, the color of culture medium and whether there is leakage, then photographed cells under a microscope, 100 * 200 * a), observation records cells have pollution during the transit.As our sales.
3. Because the state affected by many factors such as environment, operation and transportation, so the company only guarantee the customer within one week after receipt of the cell cell state, so the customers need to after-sales when need to show proof of receipt time cells and provide customer service personnel after receiving time and found that the problem of communication time, during the time interval is not greater than 7 days.
4. All animal cells as a potential biological hazards, must be in the secondary biological safety platform operation, and please pay attention to the protection, all of the liquid and contact with the cells of vessels need sterilization can be discarded.
5. Customers in the process of cell culture, if you have any technical problems can call technical after-sales service telephone: 021-60523091, we offer solutions at any time.
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The best alternative iPS Cells department description:

Department of iPS CellsTechnical director Dr Goffer worked at CiRA research institute in Japan, iPS Cells with many years of rich production experience, lead the department of technical personnel by Japan's Kyoto university standard technology, combined with the first national patent technology making iPS Cells, simple operation, stick a wall high success rate, cell is stable, and use the patent transportation container transportation iPS Cells, to better ensure the quality of cells.Company also opened a dedicated iPS Cells technology practice and training services, can be customized according to customer's requirements practice content, details see the web site"Technology practice"Page, or call advisory telephone 400-021-2021.

The cell description:

Induced human foreskin cells into IPS Cells by reprogramming transcription factors as: OCT4, SOX2, KLF4, MYC induced to establish IPS Cells, culture without feeding layer cells.

spherical cloning
Source of gender:
Cell source:
imported from ATCC (http://www.atcc.org/)
ATCC number:
Cryopreserved date/algebra:
see the cryopreserved tubes/culture bottle label
Suggested recovery training system:
1 T25 culture bottle
Cell state:
Mycoplasma detection results:
Cells use:
only for the use of scientific research

IPS training procedures

One, recovery

1, in advance with the Matrix Petri dish / board coating processing. Usually Matrix stored at -20 ℃, before use on the refrigerator at 4 ℃ or ice on the thaw. To be Matrix thawed, according to the ratio of 1: 100 quickly diluted with PBS liquid. Add 1ml, add 6ml dish and add 2ml, 10cm dish and add 3ml of the amount of added, after adding quickly shake the plate / board, so that the Matrix completely cover the entire bottom of the board. Into the 37 ℃ incubator for 4 hours, before use to remove the coating solution (if not used, sealed with a sealed membrane, refrigerator at 4 ℃ can save a week).

2, prepare the PSCeasy Thawed Complete Medium (PSCeasy Thaw Base and PSCeasy Thaw Additive) before resuscitation. Add the appropriate amount of thawing solution (6-well plate for each hole plus 2ml, 6cm dish plus 3ml, 10cm dish plus 9ml), add another 10ug / ml Y27632 factor, into the 37 ℃ incubator.

3, the recovery of a cell with 5ml of the above mixed medium, before the recovery in the 37 ℃ water bath full preheat. Remove the cryopreservation tube from the liquid nitrogen tank and quickly transfer it to the biological safety cabinet (if the position of the liquid nitrogen tank is far from the safety cabinet, transfer the cryopreservation tube to the safety cabinet with a liquid nitrogen container) Good complete medium for thawing (with the pipettes kept into the cryopreserved into the extraction medium, exchange the dissolved cells until completely dissolved).

4,200Xg centrifuge for 5 minutes, remove the supernatant, add 1ml of PSCeasy completely thawed medium (containing 10ug / ml Y27632 factor), with the fingers of the tube tube collapse. Add the PSCeasy completely to the centrifuge tube by inoculating the amount of each plate / dish 1 ml, gently aspirating three or four times into the dish / plate. Horizontal cross vibration to cells evenly distributed, 5% CO2, 37 ℃ incubator for 24 hours.

5,After 5 hours, replace PSCeasy complete medium (PSCeasy basal medium and PSCeasy basic medium additive). After every 22-24 hours for liquid. Cells covered with 80-90% need to pass or freeze.

Serial number product name Item number specification Price
One Ips Matrix 5ml 2457.00 icell-CA3003012
Two Ips work transfer fluid 500ml 210.00 icell-CA3001500
Three Ips basic culture medium 500ml 1785.00 icell-CA1001500
Four Defrost liquid ips 100ml 738.00 icell-CA1002100

1. iPS Cells operation instructions .pdf download

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